• Overcome the problem of a lack of consistency within the mobile infrastructure
  • Ensure seamless application provisioning and installation as well as service activation
  • Enable scheduled actions to single users and groups of devices (predefined intervals of operations, off-peak time actions)
  • Manage over-the-air application configurations and upgrades
  • Track device software performance
  • Block access to an application with a lock code (application password protection)
  • Enable remote application uninstall, service deactivation and device clean-up



With FAMOC, administrators can install, update and remove apps over-the-air. Authenticate users, customize app categories and make apps available based on user, device or group membership. 


Utilizing data collected and analyzed by the Webroot Intelligence Network (WIN), the App Reputation Service gives FAMOC administrators the ability to allow or block mobile apps based on the company’s security policies tied to app reputation scores which indicate whether an app is malicious, has privacy violations or is trustworthy. The solution provides flexibility to decide how to use the mobile app information and adapt it for specific corporate requirements.

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