Android is here to stay. make it work for your company

With more and more people working on the go and work-life balance becoming increasingly blurred, it's time to start thinking outside the office and adopting devices and mobile apps people love to use in their everyday lives.



Android for Work is a game-changer. It's Google's answer to Android security and fragmentation challenges. Android for Work is a separate work profile that allows your company to easily enroll, deliver and update apps and manage Android devices. With Android for Work integration, FAMOC can deliver what we always aim to achieve – native user experience, without clunky email clients and 3rd party container solutions. With Android for Work integration in FAMOC you can:

  • manage business data and apps, leaving private data alone

  • support any Android 5.0+ device with premium security features (full OS-level encryption, hardware-backed keystore, lockscreen)




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