Security is a balancing act, especially when it comes to addressing the adoption of emerging technologies that promise to unlock business potential. Each new wave of change requires a business to adapt its security procedures, or risk it being rendered ineffective.

We understand that mobile is no different. That is why, security management has become a high priority for the IT departments managing mobile devices fleets. FancyFon fully understands the importance of mobile device security, and is at the forefront in developing state-of-the-art security solutions. FAMOC security management ensures an unparalleled level of security support across multiple platforms, managed centrally, over the air.

Why we're different?

• Security and Privacy. FAMOC allows IT to implement granular security while enabling employees to focus on getting their work done.

• Compliance. Through continuous monitoring and alerting, FAMOC provides complete transparency into the current state of each device and its adherence to corporate policies and regulatory compliance.

• Forward thinking. Businesses need to reduce this risk while balancing the impact of security policies have on realising their business objectives on mobile. With FAMOC, the mobile shift becomes an opportunity, not a risk.

• Fast, flexible deployment. Security can’t wait too long. FAMOC  lets you gain and maintain control in minutes giving you immediate visibility into what and who is accessing your enterprises systems.


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